project launchThe Civic Forum on Human Development successfully launched its Inclusive Service Delivery and Social Accountability Project on the 27 May 2016 in Mudzi. The project is being implemented in six districts that include Hwedza, Mutoko, Mudzi, Sanyati, Hurungwe and Nyaminyami. Each district was represented by representatives from Local Authorities, District Administrator (DA), Civil Society Organisation (CSO) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs).

The Mashonaland East Provincial Administrator (PA), Mr.Ndarukwa made the opening remarks and expressed his gratitude to all participants from various districts that came to witness the national launch of the project. He postulated that the initiative driven by CFHD is relevant to the districts since it will accelerate the implementation of ZIM-ASSET blue print which seeks to improve the lives of people through quality and accessible service delivery.

Ms. Kalenga, EU representative gave a statement of the project on behalf of the EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr.Van Damme who could not make it to the workshop due to other commitments. In her address she pointed out that the EU was pleased to launch the project on social accountability which CFHD is going to implement and hoped that it will contribute to good governance, transparency and accountability in local governance. Also EU looked forward to increased democratic participation by all citizens and communities of Zimbabwe as per the Constitution of Zimbabwe, section (14b). Through the project Ms Kalenga noted that she hoped that it will lead to enhanced service delivery and improved quality of life by citizens.