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  • Key Service Area Multi-Sector Alliance Building
    Specific Priorities
    • Effective CSOs and CBOs actively lobbying for their rights and interests in society
    • Increased multi-sector learning and networking among CSOs and CBOs for effective policy influencing.
  • Key Service Area Practical Training and Capacity Building
    Specific Priorities
    • Effective local leaders and drivers of change spearheading local democratization of under-privileged and marginalized communities.
    • Local government structures and institutions become increasingly democratic and open to civil society inputs.
    • Capacity for transparent and accountable economic and natural resource utilization strengthened.
  • Key Service Area Policy and Advocacy
    Specific Priorities
    • Policy analysis and advocacy skills of CBOs and CSOs enhanced.
    • Existing and new policy networks and forums strengthened.
    • Technical resources for effective policy dialogue and influencing developed and disseminated to interested institutional bodies and networks.
  • Key Service Area Research & Information Dissemination
    Specific Priorities
    • Increased utilization of available research information for improved housing, LED and service delivery.
    • Increased access to innovative technologies and practices by CSOs and CBOs.
  • Key Service Area Resource Mobilization
    Specific Priorities
    • Pro-poor service delivery financing options increased.
    • Increased local resource mobilization capacities of local CSOs and CBOs
    • Micro-finance options for local initiatives strengthened.
    • Linkages with development funders strengthened.
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Come visit our human development resource centre for knowledge learning and sharing.

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Our Stakeholders

The CFHD works with a broad range of stakeholders that have an interest in its core services. These are categorized as follows:Category A - Policy Stakeholders This category includes all government ministries that have a role to play in housing, service delivery, local economic development and local governance.

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gallerysmall1 "If citizens are capacitated and their rights to participate in peacebuilding ,governance, service delivery and socio-economic processes are fully recognized.They will be able to; live harmoniously with each other ,influence policy and transparency in governance processes".

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